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Our Mission

The mission of the RTB society is to promote, preserve and spread the stories of African American who settled and lived in Lick Creek African American Settlement (Little Africa) between 1812-1902. We want to tell their stories to educate our community on the strength, culture and families of this pioneer village.

Our Vision

 Preservation and restoration of the Lick Creek (Little Africa) Pioneer Settlement

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Our Goals


In 1820’s Free people of Color from North Carolina, purchased land in Indiana to pursue life, liberties and have a sanctuary free from racial oppression. Goals of the descendants of these pioneer settlers, are:

1.       To preserve and restore the 200 year old cemetery land and headstones, the ruins of the AME church, built in 1840.

2.       Narrative plaques, Holograms that tell the stories of Lick Creek Settlers resiliency from 1820-1902.

3.       Through partnerships with other historical societies, educational institutions, and the Hoosier National Forestry, to advocate cultural tourism and recreational opportunities for people of color. As well as Lick Creek Settlement free educational materials and curriculum with both virtual and written stories about the earlier settlers available to the public.

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