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The Roberts Family Chronicles

Elias Roberts married Nancy Archer (1799 – 1876) in 1817 in N.C.  brought her to Indiana around 1820,  there is some speculation that both Elias and Nancy were part Cherokee. Certificate of freedom for Elias Roberts were issued at Chatham County N.C. Feb. 1823 and in Orange County, Indiana on February 1833. Elias Roberts Son of Ishmael Roberts (1793 NC / died in Orange County, Indiana 1866)

The papers stated that Elias’s father Ishmael Roberts was in the Revolutionary War as a Soldier.  The same for Nancy’s father, Thomas Archer, a Revolutionary War Soldier, it stated that they were persons of color with three daughters-named Mary, Candice and Nancy Roberts. Even though Elias was born a free person of color, a certificate of freedom was needed to protect him from bounty hunters who would try to sell him into slavery. 

​In 1860 Elias showed his land in Paoli Twp valued at $1,600 and his personal estate at $400.  This was the high end of land value for that township. They had 8 children. The Oldest daughter, Mary Ann(Polly) Roberts  (1817-1867) married Matthew Thomas (1808-1870).

Elias Roberts left money and land to his grandchildren, one was Mary Bond.

Elias Robert's Freedom Papers
Elias Certificate of Freedom
Headstone of Elias Roberts
as seen in Lick Creek Settlement Cementary
Headstone of Eli Roberts.jpg

Children of Elias Roberts and Nancy (Archer) Roberts

Elias Roberts
1793 - 1866

Nancy (Archer) Roberts
1800 - 1976

Mary Ann (Polly) Roberts
1817 - 1867

Candice Roberts
1819 - 1896

Nancy Roberts
1821 -1850

Lucinda Roberts
1825 -
before 1852

Zachariah Roberts
1835 -1905

Samira, Nancy, Mary E., Benjamin F., Elias, William A., Helen M., Sarah E., Jordan H.

Henry Jr., Nancy Jr.

Joseph, Mary Ann, Sarah A., Jeremiah, John H., Adaline, William, George Esther (Etta), Samuel A., Francis L., Malinda A., Joice, (one un-named)

Mathew Thomas

Nancy Elma 1835-1905. Sarah Hester, Morris W., Martha Jane, George W., 

John Roberts
1837 -1891

Angeline Roberts
1837 -after 1850

Elizabeth (Eliza Jane) Roberts
1837 -after 1850

Catherine Southers / Emma E. Clark

Jordan F. Thomas

Henry Chambers

Amos Baxter

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